Breaking the Monotony

Today Chris and I enjoyed our new TV that Mediacom installed in the living room.  It’s our first smart TV.  Chris put wi fi and netflex on it and we’re in business.  We have four televisions now.  One each in my bedroom, Chris’s bedroom, the sun room and the living room.

Maybe the new TV will draw me out of my bedroom and off my bed.  I’ve used the excuse that I stayed in my bedroom because  there was no TV in the living room and the sun room was too cold in winter and too warm in summer.

Although I do spend time each day cooking and fixing meals, filling and emptying the dishwasher, feeding the animals and letting  Jenny out,  most of my day is spent on my bed watching television, computering, reading, or talking on the phone.  I order groceries and put them away once or twice a week.  And my hair dresser and housekeeper both come every week.  Unless I have a rare visitor or have to keep a doctor’s appointment, it’s a good bet I can be found on my bed in my bedroom.

I hope the new TV will change that.  Better to sit on the couch in the living room than on my bed in the bedroom.  Leaving my bed will certainly lift my spirits.  Maybe I’ll feel like a normal human being again.


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