In the Dark

In the Dark
Days online researching natural ways to combat Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Especially checking nutrition and diets. Thinking of going gluten-free. Have seen a lot of praise for the Paleo diet, but…….So much meat! I’m a semi-vegetarian. When I eat the flesh of another animal, it’s usually fish, sometimes chicken or turkey. And then I battle guilt and regret. So this is a big issue for me.
I’m worried about my condition. Wonder how far along this disease is. Looking back, it seems it must have started before I got married. Maybe in my teens. I have a vague memory of a doctor telling me my thyroid test was slightly abnormal and he wanted to watch it. It was a long time before I saw a doctor again, and I forgot about it. In those days, we saw a doctor only when we were sick.
But it doesn’t do any good to rehash the past. This is now. And I will deal with what the present hands me.



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